It’s July. Norway is Closed For Holidays.

Hello everyone and Happy July 1st!

What says “Canada Day” more than napkins sent all the way from Toronto from a friend!

I say “happy” for two reasons: First, as my Canadian readers know it’s Canada Day. So, Happy Canada Day Canadians! Second, July 1 marks the beginning, for many Norwegians, of summer holidays.

If there is one things that many Norwegians take very seriously (other than cross-country skiing), it’s holiday time. In fact, I would hazard a guess that there are even more Norwegians who care about the “ferie” time than those who care about winter sports. I mean, really, who doesn’t love a good summer holiday? Keep in mind that “summer holiday” in Norway doesn’t necessarily mean heat and sun, but it does mean time with family and friends, so that’s almost as good. (Jokes! It’s great guys, really…)

So, in the true spirit of being a new Norwegian, I am gettin’ the heck outta town.

I, along with half of Oslo and the surrounding towns, will be heading off for some weeks of sun (hopefully) and relaxation (definitely) and fun (absolutely no doubt). As you know from my article last week, my family arrive on Monday. This is a much anticipated holiday. My brother was here for my wedding two years ago (who can forget the snus incident…) but it was a brief weekend/whirlwind tour in Oslo. This time I have him and the family for two whole weeks! Maybe I’ll let them go home after that. Maybe.

Looking forward… Jeg gleder meg til… some west-coast holiday time.

Schools in Norway have just finished and so many families will be heading off this weekend. Some go “syden” (south-ish) for some beach and guaranteed heat and sun time – to Spain, for example. And others will head to the “hytte” in Norway or perhaps a little rental spot in Denmark or Sweden. Some will enjoy a “stay-cation” right at home.

We will be heading north-west to the cabin in hopes of showing my family some of Norway’s most spectacular sights. At the very least, they will experience the cabin life that I have so often written about here. I secretly hope that my father-in-law will bring out the quiz book so I can watch my brother squirm under the hot lights of a Norwegian family quiz time. So evil, I know. We have a long standing tradition in our brother-sister relationship of completely embarrassing one another. Or, at least, egging the other one on to embarrass themselves. This trip will be ripe with opportunities.

The last four years, my husband and I have been together in Canada for summer holidays. He likes to go there in the summer to visit friends (which is how we met) and so it is quite a change to be staying in Norway. Given the new house, and all my family coming to visit, it was the obvious choice. I might miss the 30 degree days (and nights) that are so often a part of Toronto summers, but I am looking forward to being here. It feels good to just stay put for a while and continue to settle into my new life.

And, lovely readers, I will be taking a break from my Norway Times articles for a few weeks while my family are here. No doubt, the holiday will be rich with adventures for future articles. And hopefully my brother will be an endless source of hilarity to write about. He has never disappointed in that regard. For those of you on summer holidays, enjoy!!

Accept my strawberry gift if you are working.

And for those that aren’t on holiday, sorry.

This is awkward.

Can we send you a cocktail? Or a delicious Norwegian strawberry?

Happy July everyone, everywhere!

Thank you for your continued love and support from all over the world!! People in 125 countries have read my articles. Thank you!!

Jill xo



8 thoughts

  1. Can’t believe we are on our way to see you TOMORROW!!! I have already packed my traditional Norwegian outfit and look forward to seeing the famous Norwegian Forest Cat. Love, ya bro.
    Ps. 125 countries – WOW!!!


  2. Haha, fun post! As a Norwegian I can totally relate to the crazy “ferie” madness.. haha! Hope you will have a fun summer vacation and a fun “hytte” experience 🙂
    (You should definitely go on a hytte-tur in easter in Norway, thats REALLY something we like, haha)


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